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hi!!!! welcome to my webbed site......
i'm making this site to practice coding! it's been a while for me so i'm pretty rusty.... but i really want to relearn html and css :3

i'll be mainly using highwind to talk about the stuff i like!! i might also post some of my art and general thoughts if i feel like it ^-^ this is my personal site and i do what i want with it

check the sidebar to the left for more stuff! this site is best viewed on pc :)

i made this website in april 2023 because i saw people talking about neocities on tumblr again and went hey! i tried to make one of those a long while ago! and it didn't go great because i was literally 12! i'm gonna try again! and then i Did :] all in all i really just wanted my own personal space on the internet to be silly and talk abt my special interests to whoever would listen :3 hope whoever finds this finds some enjoyment from looking at my sillay little website


- fixed up interests page
- actively making individual interest pages
- making img hoard
- removed unga bungas
- added cs pets :)

- added blog page + first entry
- added interests page (wip)
- added 404 page

- added this box :]
- added viewcounter
- added about page
- added marquees

- made the site
- made the layout
- created the banner

check out my little guys!!